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The best comforters you can buy

Published by Business Insider on Tue, 15 Oct 2019

Comforters keep you extra warm and cozy at night and they can also add a fun splash of color or pattern to your bedroom. Of all the comforters we researched, our top pick is the cozy, comfy, and well-madeTopsleepy Luxurious All Size Goose Down Comforter.When you're shopping for a bed, salespeople will tell you not to skimp on the quality of the bed. After all, you spend eight hours per day in bedmaybe more if you're lucky. That's equal to one-third of your life.With so much of your time spent in bed, you might as well be warm while you're there. For those times when your significant other won't let you steal body heat, you'll want to make sure you have the best comforter on hand.A wide variety of comforters are available for a wide range of prices, depending on the type of fill they use, the colors available, the insulation level, the size, and the construction quality. Understanding terms for comfortersWhen shopping for a comforter, you will encounter a few different pieces of terminology, according toThe Wirecutter. Understanding the purpose of each of these terms will help you find a comforter to meet your needs. Baffle box vs. sewn-through: A baffle box comforter is sewn with flexible boxes into the comforter that create pockets. The fill inside the comforter cannot shift out of its box, ensuring the fill remains properly spread throughout the entire area of the comforter. The fill sometimes does shift within its box, though. Meanwhile, a sewn-through comforter has sewing through both the top and bottom layers of the comforter, creating patterns such as diamonds, channels or curved rectangles. The fill does not shift at all with a sewn-through comforter, performing slightly better than a baffle box comforter in terms of keeping the fill spread throughout the comforter.Duvet vs. comforter: For most comforters and duvets sold in North America, the terms are used interchangeably, as the bedding company Crane & Canopy explains. Technically, a duvet is very similar to a comforter but doesn't have an outer shell, meaning it's usually placed inside a duvet cover. Duvets often are not used with other types of bed linen, such as sheets or blankets, while a comforter is used with those types of bed linen. Some of our picks can also be used with duvet covers.Fill power: This measures the amount of volume that one ounce of down occupies. A larger fill power number equals a comforter that provides a greater level of insulation. In other words, the comforter with the higher fill power number offers greater warmth without being heavier. Fill powers of around 600 provide average warmth and durability, according to Good Housekeeping. Higher numbers for fill power have greater durability and insulation; lower numbers won't provide as much warmth, which may be desirable in warmer climates or in the summer.Thread count: Similar to a bed sheet, the thread count in a comforter indicates the number of yarns within an inch of the fabric. Higher thread counts equal finer yarns, which are more comfortable and softer than larger yarns. Because a comforter probably won't be touching your skin, thread count for softness isn't quite as important as with a bed sheet. More importantly for a comforter though, a higher thread count ensures the fill will remain inside the comforter, rather than leaking out through bigger gaps between yarns.Types of fills for comfortersThe fill used inside the comforter plays a key role in your enjoyment of it, as explained in Sleepedia, Good Housekeeping, and The Wirecutter.Down alternative: If the comforter doesn't use goose down or duck down as a filler, you may see down alternative listed in the specifications. This can include cotton fibers, cotton-polyester blend fibers, and gel fibers. Gel fiber is the most expensive type of down alternative, as it provides the most softness.Down cluster: The down cluster is the fluffiest portion of a duck feather or goose feather, existing under the main part of the feather. When used in a comforter, it provides greater warmth than the main part of the feather. A comforter manufacturer may list the percentage of down cluster used in the fill in the blanket's specifications. A higher percentage of down cluster equals a higher quality comforter and a higher fill power number.Duck down: Duck down is a more common fill material used in comforters made in North America than goose down. As a general rule, duck down is not as fluffy as goose down, so it's not found in the highest end comforters as often as goose down.Goose down: For comforters made in Europe, goose down is the most common fill material. It provides a little more fluff versus duck down on average, although exceptions do occur.Look at the specification list for a particular comforter, and you should see the percentages of the types of fill it contains. Now on to our top picks for the best comforters.Here are the best comforters you can buy:Best comforter overall: Topsleepy Luxurious All Size Goose Down ComforterBest from new bedding brand: BrooklinenReal Goose Down ComforterBest colorful comforter: The Company Store LaCrosse Down ComforterBest affordable comforter: LinenSpa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted ComforterBest luxury comforter: Highland Feather Carmel Hutterite Goose Down ComforterBest hypoallergenic alternative down comforter: Superior Solid White Down Alternative ComforterBest goose down comforter: PuredownRealGoose Down ComforterBest 1,200 thread count comforter: Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count Goose Down ComforterUpdated on 10/14/2019 by Caitlin Petreycik: Updated prices, links, and formatting.SEE ALSO:The best duvet covers you can buyThe best comforter overallThe Topsleepy Luxurious All Size Goose Down Comforterprovides just the right level of warmth at a great price point.TheTopsleepy Luxurious All Size Goose Down Comforter will keep you warm and cozy all year round with its 50% goose down filling and baffle stitching. It's not too heavy or too warm, so you can use it most of the year.Since it's a plain white comforter and it doesn't have the highest thread count at 300, you may want to put it inside a duvet cover. A duvet cover will protect the comforter from staining and losingfeathers and it'll also add some color or a fun pattern to your bed. You can check out the best duvet covers on Insider Picksfor some ideas.Additionally, the Topsleepy Luxurious Goose Down Comforter is very easy to clean. Just use lukewarm water to spot clean the comforter and air dry it. A duvet cover will keep it even cleaner and ensure it lasts longer, though.Should you have any problems with it, Topsleepysays it's guaranteed for 15 years. You can check the instruction book it comes with for information on how to send the comforter back for a refund or exchange. The price is also much more reasonable than most other comforters, making it a good pick for most people.Pros: Low price point, good construction quality for the money, provides comfort in all types of weather, easy to clean, goose down fill, baffle design keeps down from shiftingCons: Low thread count allows some fill to escape, only 50% goose down fillThe best from a new bedding brandThe BrooklinenDown Comforter is super luxurious and well made with a 700 fill power and 400 thread count.If you don't like buying from big-name companies and you'd much prefer checking out a startup, Brooklinenis our favorite new bedding brand. Its down comforter is a great buy. It'shand-made in the Hutterite communities of Northwest Canada, so you know it's high quality. The comforter is filled with a 700 fill power of real whitedown, making it extra cozy and warm. The fill is covered by a400 thread count cotton sateen shell that's soft to the touch, just like Brooklinen'ssheets, which are among our favorites.Brooklinenhas a lifetime warranty, too, so if you don't like it for whatever reason, the company offers free exchanges or replacements. If the buyer reviews are anything to go by, you will love this comforter. Expert reviewers at Wirecutter love it and name it the best comforter for most people.Pros:Made in Canada, 700 fill power, real goose down, 400 thread count cover, lifetime warranty, affordable for the qualityCons: NoneThe best colorful comforterThe LaCrosse Down Comforter from The Company Store works great in all seasons and it comes in fun color choices.If you're tired of boring white comforters, The Company Store LaCrosse Down Comforter is a smart choice. It carries a slightly above average price point, but you'll be able to find just the right shade to go with your bedroom's dcor.You can get the comforter in colors like ivory, russet, bubblegum, walnut, navy, chino, coal, guava, and silver. It has a 250-thread-count combed cotton shell that's Oeko-Tex certified, so you know it's chemical free. It's made with a sewn-through 12-inch box construction that ensures the 100% duck down filling never spills out. If you do want to pop it in a duvet cover, the comforter has corner loops to attach duvets with ties. You can check out the best duvet covers on Insider Picksfor some ideas.Additionally, the LaCrosse comforter is machine washable for easy cleaning.In the Home Construction Improvement review of the LaCrosse comforter, the reviewer appreciated the high-quality sewn through design, as well as its warmth in cold weather. Even though this comforter provides a good deal of warmth with its fill power of 500 to 550, one Amazon customer reviewer found it worked great in summer, too.Pros: Large number of color options, good option in all kinds of weather, includes loops to keep comforter in place on the bed, high-quality sewn-through designCons: Price is a little higher than averageThe best luxury comforterThe Highland Feather Carmel Hutterite Goose Down Comforter offers well above average stitching, fill power, and comfort.Those of you who are seeking a high-end comforter know that it's going to cost you a pretty penny to getfull goose down with a high fill power. However, you can save a little bit versus some other high-end comforters and still receive a tremendous comforter with the Highland Feather Carmel Hutterite Goose Down Comforter.The comforter comes with a 15-year warranty, a 725 fill power, and 100% imported goose down fill. Highland Feather applies an anti-microbial treatment to the goose down fill to prevent problems with allergens. It's pillowy soft, warm, thick, and luxurious.It's a plain white comforter, so you may want to add a duvet cover for protection and style. Duvet covers will add another layer of softness, a fun color or design, and durability to your pricey duvet. You can check out the best duvet covers on Insider Picksfor some ideas.This is not a lightweight comforter. The super king size of the Highland Feather Carmel Hutterite Goose Down comforter with a deluxe fill weighs 50 ounces, so it's better suited for use in the winter when you want to be cozy than for use in the summer when you get hot at night.One Amazon customer reviewer loved the warmth of the Highland Carmel Hutterite comforter, as well as its softness and 700-ply cotton outer shell. However, the reviewer was a little disappointed in the overall size of the comforter, wishing it would hang over the sides of the bed a little farther.Nonetheless, there's no denying that this is a well-made, high-end goose down comforter that'll keep you snuggly warm in bed for years to come. That alone makes it worth the high price tag.Pros: High-quality construction, high fill power number, all goose down fill, anti-microbial treatment to combat allergens, extremely soft, excellent for providing warmth in winterCons: High price point, heavy comforter for summer usageThe best affordable comforterIf you can't afford the luxury of a down comforter, theLinenSpa All-Season Down Alternativeis an excellent, affordable option.Those of you who are seeking an inexpensive comforter that will keep you cozy will love the LinenSpa All-Season Down Alternative comforter.Although it doesn't have goose or duck down inside, the LinenSpa comforter features a down alternative, which ishypoallergenic and quite warm. It'smachine washable and sports box baffle stitching to keep the fill inside where it belongs. In addition to classic white, it comes in black, navy, sand, and charcoal, as well as blue and white striped.One Amazon customer reviewer was disappointed because the comforter's fill poked through the threads, but it seems to be a rare occurrence. The fact that it's on the thinner side (meaning you might need to pair it with an extra blanket in the winter) was another Amazon complaint.Despite the quibbles, it's still a solid down alternative option for those who are on a budget.Pros: Extremely low price point, multiple sizes and colors available, machine washable design, hypoallergenic materials in the fill, comfortable and softCons: Fill may leak out, on the thinner sideThe best hypoallergenic down alternative comforterThe Superior Solid White Down Alternative Comforterhas a soft poly-fill that will be more comfortable if you are allergic to feather or goose down.Finding a comforter with just the right mix of fill that's also hypoallergenic can be a challenge, but we like the Superior Solid White Down Alternative Comforterwith its warm design and affordable price tag.The king size Superior Solid comforter includes 100 ounces of fill weight, which is sure to keep you warm during cooler months. One Amazon buyer says the fill weight isn't going to feel too hot in the summer, either, which is another nice feature.The soft fill makes no noise as you move the comforter around, which The Best Mattress Topper's review says will help you get a full night of sleep. NY Magalsoloves everything about the Superior Solid comforter, especially its softness and its bright, white color.Cozzyappreciates the double stitching used to make the comforter more durable. However, a few Amazon reviewers say it doesn't hold its shape and stitching after a couple of trips through the washing machine.Pros: Good price point, hypoallergenic poly-fiber fill, plenty of fill weight for warmth, extremely soft comforter, fill doesn't create noise as you're moving around during the nightCons: Comforter is shorter than average, stitching and shape may show some wear after multiple trips through the washing machineThe best goose down comforterThere's just something luxurious about a true goose down comforter, and the Puredown Goose Down Comforter fits that description perfectly.For those who do not have any allergies to goose feathers, a down comforter is a great option for a luxurious bed covering that also looks great. Our favorite goose down comforter is the Puredown Goose Down Comforter because it's incredibly soft and warm with its 600 fill powerThe comforter uses a baffle box stitching design that's subtle and attractive. The stitching also helps keep the goose down in place so there are no cold spots.A word of warning: while most Amazon reviewers found the Puredown adequately warm, onecustomer said the goose down filling was thinner than expected. In other words, you may want to add an extra blanket if you're not a warm sleeper.Pros: Good price point for a goose down comforter, works equally well in summer and winter, good stitching design to hold fill in place, high build quality that means comforter should last a whileCons: Thin filling that won't provide enough warmth for some people, price is a little higher than averageThe best 1,200 thread count comforterIf you want a soft fabric to go with a great fill weight in your comforter, the Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforteris a great buy.Perhaps you like the idea of a high thread count in your comforter because you like to pretend you're spending the night in a five-star luxury hotel. (Trust us, your partner's dirty underwear on the floor and the snoring dog in the corner kind of ruin the illusion.) Once you've eliminated those distractions, we'd suggest the Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforterto provide luxury style and comfort in your bedroom. Thread count measures the number of threads that can be woven into a square inch of fabric, with higher numbers yielding better comfort and quality.The Egyptian Bedding comforter includes 90% down and 10% small feather fill, which yields a lightweight, yet warm and comfortable, product. Its 750 fill power is pretty high, too.One Amazon buyer says the Egyptian Bedding comforter overhangs the bed nicely, ensuring that there's no fighting over the blanket. However, another Amazon reviewer says the baffle box stitching is not of a high quality, meaning the fill doesn't stay in place well, leading to cold spots.Pros: Excellent thread count equals high-quality fabric, looks like a luxury hotel comforter, 90% goose down fill, size of comforter has plenty of overhang for a king size bed, warm and comfortable comforterCons: Price is a little high, weak baffle box stitching may not allow fill to remain properly spread throughout comforterCheck out our other great guides for beddingThe best mattresses you can buyA great mattress can be the difference between a good night's sleep that results in a productive day or a horrible night that makes you feel like you didn't sleep at all. Here are our top picks for the best mattress you can buy:Best overall:Sapira Mattress by LeesaandLeesa MattressBest for hot sleepers:Bear MattressBest for neutral firmness:Casper Mattressor theCasper WaveBest customizable mattress:Helix MattressBest affordable mattress:Lucid Memory Foam MattressBest soft mattress with good support:Purple MattressThe best mattress toppers you can buyAlthough a mattress topper isn't a must-have for your bed, it's one of the easiest ways to up your sleep quality and comfort. We researched dozens of mattress toppers and determined that these are our favorites:Best overall:DreamFoam Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress TopperBest featherbed:Super Snooze Baffled Featherbed SetBest wool: Overstock'sLambswool Mattress PadBest luxury:Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper SetThe best pillows you can buyA good pillow means a good night's sleep. We reviewed dozens of pillows to narrow down the choices to the ones you'll love best. Here are our top picks:Best overall: Premium Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam PillowBest hybrid: Royal Hotel Goose Down PillowBest buckwheat hull: Zen Chi Buckwheat Hull PillowBest contour: Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam PillowBest latex: Beckham Hotel Collection Gel PillowBest body pillow: Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full-Size Body PillowThe best flannel sheets you can buyFlannel sheets are warm, soft, and cozy for cold nights during the fall and winter months.nothing beats a nice warm set of flannel sheets, especially in the winter. On the other hand, flannel sheets can go so wrong, so quickly and, unfortunately, you never really know until you sleep on them whether they are soft as a cloud or just a scratchy, pilly mess.These five picks are the best-reviewed flannel sheets on the market, chosen because they are beloved by both experts and everyday shoppers. All of them will give you a warm and cozy sleepytime experiencewithout the uncomfortable trial-and-error period. Here are the best flannel sheets you can buy:Best overall: Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheets, $69.99+Best year-round sheets:L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set, $89+Best luxury sheets:L. L. Bean Premium Supima Flannel Sheet Collection, $38+Best flannel bedding:West Elm Flannel Bedding Collection, $59+
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