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Metaverses in a Game Mode. Vladimir Okhotnikov Tells How Gamification Is Changing the Business Rules

Published by Punch on Tue, 19 Dec 2023

Gamification helps create products and services by attracting the gamers’ attention with the principles and mechanics from the gaming world. In a practical sense this means creating platforms within Metaverses - making a game within a game where instead of just completing tasks you earn scores, points or stars for successful completion of various missions. For example, when a participant completes a task, he or she receives “experience points,” and if the participant helps someone, he or she is assigned a “kindness mission.” And do you use gamification


Half of the respondents want to use gamificationin startups - by 2025, the market can grow up to $30 billion.

Are games a source of motivation or a path to addiction

Games have come under scrutiny for their unique ability to motivate people. Unlike monotonous tasks that lead to frustration and burnout over time, virtual reality provides instant results and rewards for effort.
Immediate feedback in games keeps players highly motivated. This principle is also sought to be applied by other industries that want game mechanics to serve as a tool for increasing engagement and efficiency,” Vladimir Okhotnikov talks about the prospect of the gaming industry, which has every chance of becoming a powerful tool for changing and improving processes in the Metaverses.
Vladimir sees virtual reality not just as a technological achievement, but as a huge potential for business development. His vision is where Metaverses and block chain are creating unique entrepreneurial opportunities. This person is passionate about breaking new ground and harnessing the power of technologyas a platform for innovation, enriching user experiences and creating new business models.
The model invented by Yu-kai Chou, called "Octalysis", is one of the most popular and practical methods for giving a playful form to various tasks.

Octalysis projects principles from the world of games into the real world in order to attract the attention and motivate users.

Yu-kai Chouis a renowned gamification expert. The author of the original methodology became a pioneer in the use of game elements in various fields, including business and education. Chou has compiled hundreds of gaming techniques into eight categories, providing an effective tool for adding playfulness to a variety of tasks.
The technique presented by Chou involves the 8 sides of a “regular octagon”:
  • Purpose, meaning: joining forces to solve a problem, creating a collective focus.
  • Sense of achievement: rewarding players through recognition and rewards for completing tasks.
  • Creativity: developingcreativethinkingtofindnewsolutions.
  • Sense of ownership: providing control and participation in decision making.
  • Social relationships: creating a platform for user interaction.
  • In accessibility: stimulating interest through limited access to resources.
  • Gambling: providing opportunities for risk and reward.
  • Fear of loss: Using elements of uncertainty and loss to maintain interest.

The feeling of possessing the non-existent things

When we talk about the concept of Меtaverses, we primarily mean the creation of a virtual reflection of the user. The Meta world should become an integral part of the personality, just as hobbies, work and communication play an important role in our real life.
Many applications and services already pay attention to this aspect, offering users a variety of options for customizing profiles. For example, the GAP store allows you to create personal alter egos to virtually try on products. Similar to playing The Sims, you can dress up your avatars to your liking.
But the Dressxplat form allows you to purchase virtual clothes and accessories for real money. After purchase, users can upload photos and receive their virtual version with updates.
Not to mention shoes that mine crypto while you walk. According to users, NFT sneakers not only make working out more fun, but have also become a source of additional income. Many argue that the health benefits and virtual rewards make the experience meaningful.
All this shows how the virtual world is becoming part of our reall ives, and such concepts of creative use of crypto technologies provide fascinating examples of gamification in every day life.
In the history of successful strategies for customer participation in the life of companies, the story of IKEA, which became famous due to its unusual approach to the production cycle, stands out.
In 1956 one of the company’s employees decided to simplify the delivery of furniture by unscrewing the legs of the LÖVET table so that it could easily fit into the car without losing its appearance during transportation. This case became the starting point increating a concept that eliminated the stage of assembling the product by the client,” an example given by Vladimir Okhotnikov illustrates how the active involvement of clients in company processes leads to innovation and increased customer satisfaction.

Fear of missing out — FOMO

Unscrupulous developers resort to tricks. For example, gamification is used to force Uber drivers to work more often. Formally, the drivers are civilian employees, and the company lacks direct leverage to force people to go to work for a certain number of hours a day. As a result, methods of in direct motivation, social engineering and gamification are used.

Almost a third of those surveyed said they felt happier with FOMO.

Uber uses constant reminders as incentives that there is one more trip left before reaching the desired amount of earnings. This mechanic is called “last mile” and is an ideal solution for companies looking to quickly increase profits.
At first glance, this may not look illegal; the system persistently instills the idea that there is very little left to achieve the goal. Although there is no direct coercion, there is psychological pressure.
Vladimir Okhotnikov believes that this approach creates inconvenience, “I often travel, and when I can’t get somewhere with my car, I use Uber. I wondered what else motivates drivers besides money to go out on the route every day. I found that behavioral researchers had found evidence for a phenomenon called “income targeting,” showing that setting a specific goal, say earning $100 a day, often has a positive effect on a person’s behavior. Therefore, the taxi driver tries to fulfillt his plan, no matter what.
Using Uber as an example, wesawthatthepracticeof “howmuchcanyouearnbycompleting a certainnumberoforders, and how much can you lose if you stop right now” does have an impact.
Research shows that the fear of missing out motivates people much more than the desire to gain an additional benefit. As a result, people often work more, which creates potentially dangerous situations for their health.
It turns out that gamification can have both a positive and negative effect. And this edge is very difficult to catch.
  • Developers of Zombies, Run! approached the issue of jogging gamification in an origin alway. Instead of traditional methods of motivation they created a game world where jogging is organized as a chase from zombies. If the player runs too slowly, the zombies in their headphones begin to make more noise, increasing the sense of imaginary danger. So, in the 5 years since the launch of the application, people have run a total of 30 million kilometers, which is more than 750 round-the-world trips around the Earth.

Not for harm but for good

Although Octalysis has no direct impact on the Metaverses, its principles can be adapted to improve interaction in virtual reality. And very soon, adherents of virtual worlds will want to transfer it there.
The power of the engagement mechanics creates enormous opportunities for the use of human mind. Already now such giants as Amazon and Uber are using gamification to motivate their employees to work harder. Of course, companies present it as a positive thing, claiming that their employees are richer and happier. However, it is important to ensure that these concepts do not get out of control and negatively affect people.

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