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Some natural ammunition against Ebola Virus fever (6)

Published by The Nation on Thu, 11 Sep 2014

A telephonecall from Anglican Reverend Ekundayo Ogunlana roused me from sleep last Thursday morning. He wished to thank me for the column of the previous Thursday and to let me know it enriched his sermon in church the Sunday after. The column in reference, the fourth in the Ebola virus fever series, suggested, among other things, a return to the creation plan for the nurture of the human body in health and in illness as the surest way of preventing or overcoming all illnesses, Ebola fever inclusive. The kernel of this advocacy is that the creation nutrition plan alone guarantees a robust and impregnable defence mechanism, the immune system, which the creator of the human body in infinite wisdom planted into this body to defend it against all diseasecausing agents. Thus, creation wisdom confers upon the immune system dominion over all microbes. In my upcoming website to host publications of this column, I share the source of my conviction in this advocacy. It is a simple sentence from the spiritual teachings of a Wise one: neither drugs nor injections, but the right kinds of foods and drinks bring lasting health.In the Bible, to which Rev. Ogunlana turned to build evidence in his sermon for his conviction in the correctness of this statement, there are unmistaken references to creation plan for food and medicine in Genesis, Ezekiel and the Revelation. Incidentally, Genesis is the opening Book of the Bible, and Revelation, the last. Incidentally, also, the reference in the Revelation appears in Chapter 22, the last chapter! In my view, these alerts are, for the Christians like the School bell, which announces the beginning of one lecture and the end of it.The experiences of Dr. George Malkmus depend for me the recognitions I gained from the Wise one. Dr. Malkmus is an American Baptist church minister. He watched helplessly as his mother was killed instalmentally by chemotherapy drugs which her doctors gave her for a cancer. So, when Dr. Malkmus himself became stricken with cancer afterwards, he declined chemotherapy as a treatment mode. He opted instead for fasting, especially on organic carrot juice. In months, the crippling cancer disappeared! He was so happy that he went on to share his experience in the book HALLELUJAH DIET. He would also set up a health farm he named HALLELJAH ACRES, where he trains doctors and other people about the Creation Diet for healing all diseases. His forte is Genesis 1:29:-Then God said I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree has seed in it. They will be yours, for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath in itI give every green plant for food and it was soMr Olajuwon Okubena, who makes Jobelyn, the antioxidant, blood building herbal proprietary product, says this medicine derives its origin from Revelation 22:2Down the middle of the great street of the city, on each side of the river stood the Tree of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit yielding its fruit every month and the leaves of the tree are for healing of the nations.Rev. Ogunlana referred to this passage to urge his congregation to incorporate natural foods and herbs in their diet for immune building. He also taught them about Ezekiel 47:12Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither nor will their fruits fail. Every month, they will bear because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. The fruits will serve for food and their leaves for healing.The creation plan for food and medicine as outlined in these passages shows we should eat fruits, and seeds and take herbs to prevent illness or cure it. Thanks, Rev Ekundayo Ogunlana. It is great to learn that reverend gentlemen can now lead the crusade of mans return to Mother Nature in health matters. For the Church had misled many Christians that herbs were anti-Christian. For people who try to add vegetables (greens) and fruits to their diets, they will supply their bodies through this diet energy, oxygen and other nutrients from creation which have been stored, in these foods as though they are battery cells.Dr. Malkhmus found that his congregation consumed too much refined White flour foods, and refined white sugar and hardly any greens fruits or food supplements. Members of the Church fell ill frequently, especially after parties at which these foods were eaten. Prayer requests for healing prayer were many. But many of the intercessory prayers would appear unanswered. In fact, deaths often occurred. Dr. Malkhmus decided the Church had to add health education and eating according to the creation plan to Christian teachings.I believe Rev. Ogunlana is walking on this path. Surer should be his feet if he remembers that, even when we venture to eat fruits and greens in Nigeria, many of them are devitalized through fertilizer and pesticide use in farming processes. I do not eat carrot and cucumber for this reason. For carrot, I go for either organic carrot powder or organic Spirulina which has more beta carotene than even healthy carrots.omeone asked me in earlier parts of the series if Ebola Virus could be a trumpet of the Word Judgement' I replied that I wasnt competent to answer that question. This much I know, however: The earth is a school for human spirits. It is like the soil in which a seed of maize is sown, to sprout, germinate, flower and fruit; heaven or paradise is home of the human spirit, and the earth the soil in which it is sown to sprout, flower, fruit and return home Sunday as a blazing flame, a useful member of Gods Creation. This earth school for the human spirit, like the University, has its semester and other calendar. We may liken the semester to a cosmic Age. A cosmic Age is about 2,160 earth years. There are 12 Ages on the Cosmic Clock, known also as the ZODIAC. Each Age has its name and sign or symbol. We are now in the AQUARIAN AGE. The people of old who gave mankind knowledge of the zodiac were guided to it from on high. From this revealed knowledge, they developed the earthly clock, which they divided into 12 hours of day hours, and 12 night hours. It is noteworthy that the year calendar, also, has 12 months. I am touched by the fact that when this Gregorian calendar was developed, the Europeans had not known of a place called Nigeria. Yet the Yoruba race in South West has a centuries old year calendar of 12 months! Isnt there something to the division of Israel into 12 tribes' Why would our Lord Jesus appoint 12 disciples' In the knowledge of creation anchored on the earth today, we are priviledge to be permitted to know that monumental events occur in every Age. It is, in fact, knowledge of the regularity of this occurrences when the venal point of the earths equator line bisects the cosmic ring at a certain angle which led to great expectations and observations. Now that the Cosmic Age is like a new school year. There is a curriculum of spiritual education the earth man must undergo in one Age. As he matures in this school from age to age, he sprouts spiritually, his radiations expanding or enlarging, even as he grows intellectually in an earthly school, till he bursts forth in a blazing flame if the rhythm of his vibrations is below the voltage of his environment that spells trouble or doom. He is then like a foolish virgin with no oil in the lamp (of his soul). He keeps repeating the class if he fails in the examination and burdens himself with carryovers into the next class.Now, imagine what happens in the University when a thirdyear student is weighed down by carryover from the first two academic sessions. Such a student is unlikely to graduate. In what we can call the cosmic school system, energy is the language spoken. The human spirit could neither sprout nor fruit in Paradise because it couldnt bear the Pressure of the power of the vicinity of God he had to be expelled from there to lower lying world of Creation where the pressure, transformed too much lower voltages, permitted conscious existence and growth. But with every new Cosmic-Age, the voltage increases. Human spirits who have sprouted, flowering or fruiting are able to bear and weather new higher voltages just as a brilliant and well killed student is able to cope with the next, higher academic pressure. Human spirits who are able to cope are those whose energy voltages are in consonance with the voltage or energy of the New Age.Where this will make some sense to us is in respect of the Creation knowledge that the human spirit has an important and major input into the formation of the human blood. Fetal circulation is known to be established mid-way through pregnancy, when the incarnating soul takes possession of the growing body in the womb. Evidence of this are the first kicks of the baby a pregnant woman experiences at this time. It is instructive that blood circulation ceases at physical death, when the soul, this vital essence,, vacates the physical body! The heart of this matter is that if a higher cosmic energy breaks down weak human spirit energy, the scorched human spirit, like chicken beaten by rains is unable to contribute its important quota to the formation and maintenance of blood composition at the right radiation level which through the immune function, disintegrates everything not meant to exist in the human body, including HIV and ebola viruses. This is the loss of the dominion which man is given over his environment. The blame is his, not any-one elses, certainly not Gods. Creation is maintained by Laws, God does not intervene in the working of creation. His laws govern creation. It was predicted in the 1920s by a Wise One as the earth supped quietly into the Aquarian Age, that blood diseases will be a major feature of our time. Cancer is a blood- related disease, just like HIV/AIDS and now Ebola Virus Fever.The New Age coincides, incidentally, with another phenomenon, the Cosmic Turning-Point. To understand it, one would have to appreciate the Law of Motion, and the law of the Cycle which, among other natural phenomenon known as laws, govern Creation. We are familiar with our hearts pumping blood round the body, and of the blood returning to the heart. When we inhale air, we also exhale it. When we drink water or eat food, our bodies must return them to whence they came. One day, our souls must return, also, to whence they came. Dont seeds become fruits and these fruits become seeds later'This Law of the cycle ensures that everything which moves away from its origin must return to it sometime. We are familiar with the atom. It has a core around which electrons are arranged in concentric rings. So is our solar system (the Sun and the Planets) arranged. As electrons move around the core of the atom in cyclic motions, so do the planets of our solar system around the sun. Our solar system of more than nine planets (new ones are being discovered) belongs to a family of billions and billions of solar systems. Together, they form a GALAXY of solar systems. In this galaxy, the location of our solar system is known as the MILKY WAY. Like the human blood circulation, motion of electrons around the atomic nucleus or the rotation of the earth on its axis and its revolution around the sun, our galaxy also revolves around a core. This galaxy, stupendously, is only one of billions and billions of galaxies which compose our UNIVERSE. This Universe is, thus, a gigantic and amazing work. And like other works, it obeys the law of Motion and Law of Cycle. It revolves around a core in cycles! It is the completion of one cycle, such as in the earths rotation which causes day and night or revolution around the sun which brings the seasons, that is, the COSMIC TURNING-POINT. As with the New Age or Cosmic Age, it tells us that the Universe has attained a New Age. And all the creatures maturing in it, are meant to have attained a corresponding degree of maturity which alone entitles them to exist at that new level or rhythm of life. It is like the Gregorian calendar of 12 months telling us we are one year older on earth, to which we respond with birthday celebrations. Human spirits in Creation who are sluggish with their spiritual education, that is maturing, cannot bear the voltage of this new rhythm. It is like a man holding live electrical cable conducting a voltage much, much higher than those in the cells of his body. He would be electrocuted!In the Cosmic New Age and in the Cosmic Turning-Point, both of which are in a rendezvous at this time, the earth is wrapped in more power pressure than before. Only those human spirits who have sprouted, flowering and fruiting will be able to swing in this power pressure without harm. The scorching of immature spirits will affect their blood radiations and weak blood radiations which plumet the immune system, however well-fortified with the right diet. For the spirit, a tenant in this body, has a major role to play in the making and maintenance of blood quality. For people who understand the Bible alright, this Message echoes in the BOOK OF REVELATIONS.When the speaker says TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA, the Message is not address to church organisation in the earthly continent known as Asia where the Chinese and Japanese, for example, ASIA is the spiritual name of the WORLD (Creation). The world is not our earth. The earth is our earth. The spiritual name of the earth is EPHESUS. Man gives names to everything on earth. Sometimes, their names accord with their spiritual names. We know, for example, of JERUSALEM in PARADISE the home of the human spirit. THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA refers, therefore, to the seven Universes in Creation (the World). An Archangel presides over each Universe. The speaker in the Book of Revelations remind them of where these Universes have fallen short of the expectations of Creation. This is in the area of those first things they had left undone. Of course, those things have to do with the purpose of existence, which is all about the discovery of Gods Will and unconditional fulfilment of it. That was the Message which the Lord Jesus brought to mankinds; he did not come to die for their sins to be forgiven. In any cases, didnt he warn that sins against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven' And didnt we learn that the Holy Spirit is the power which God sent out to create the World (Let there be Light, and the spirit of God hovered over the land.)Ebola VirusLast week, the news broke that another fever similar to ebola virus fever was killing with the same devastation in Japan. This is Denge fever of which this column wrote a few years ago. Some people say it is caused by rats. Other say the mosquito. A reader of this column who said he contracted it while in Asia gave me a recipe which helped him survive the infection. Unfortunately, I lost his name and the recipe. With the knowledge of the New Age and the Cosmic Turning-Point, we should ask certain questions: Have ebola virus and this Japaneses virus always been present on earth in latent inactive forms' If they have been, why are they active now' What is the trigger' If the trigger is the energy pressure described above, which the human spirit is unable to withstand and is causing its body to crumble, will the cares being applauded today not be temporary gains' Are these strange viruses trumpets of a World Judgement we are not hearing because we are expecting to hear physical trumpets' If these viruses were not part of Gods creation, as some people have said, reminding of the biblical view that everything he created is good, how did they arise' Could they be the handiworks of men' By this, laboratory inventions are not imagined. Spiritually, we know volitions of the spirit give rise to thoughtforms and that thoughtforms may become dense enough to physically materialise. If the heart of man is still dark and evil, will this nature not potentiate darkness and evil' I remember vividly the counsel of the Wise One KEEP THE HEARTH OF YOUR THOUGHTS PURE!As we continue to search for a cure for Ebola virus Disease and other killer viruses, let us remember that man forms his environment, and that since he did not create the World, he has to form his environment in accordance to the Will of the Creator and as he lays his bed, so will he lay on it.]]>
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